Call for papers: Issue 12

e-TI invites academics as well as industrials to present their research, thoughts and trends in Information Technology. It aims to promote exchange of IT knowledge, between North and South countries. The list of topics spans all the areas of information technology such as information systems, databases, big data, data mining, artificial intelligence, distributed systems, web technologies and applications, security and quality.

e-TI is an open access journal indexed by DOAJ, EBSCO, IMIST,, ResearchGate and Google Scholar. 

e-TI uses anonymous peer review (cf. ethical declaration). Each submitted paper will be reviewed upon receipt and will be published on the journal’s website as soon as it is accepted, within a maximum period of 2 months. 

When the 12th issue is closed, all papers will be gathered in one volume available online and in a printed version. 

The scope of e-TI includes, but is not limited to:
  • Information Systems;
  • Component-based Approach;
  • Design Methodology, Model-driven Engineering;
  • Databases & Big Data;
  • Semantic & Ontology;
  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Knowledge Base & Business Intelligence;
  • Internet & Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, Web Mining;
  • Distributed Computing, Interoperability and Integration, SOA;
  • Mobility, Ubiquity, MDM;
  • Quality, Security and non-functional aspects;
  • Usability, Accessibility, Personalization & Collaborative Environment;
  • Smart Cities, e-gov, e-business.


Papers may be submitted in English or French in one of the following sections: 

« State of the art » proposes a state of the art in the IT field (15 pages maximum);

« Research » is a collection of papers on theory, design, specification or implementation of IT-related tools. Papers on emerging axes are welcome (15 pages maximum);

« Using & Training » proposes an overview of research on the perception of IT from the user's perspective and IT training (15 pages maximum);

« R&D » highlights R&D experiences and their validation (10 pages maximum);

« Research Team in Brief » introduces the work of a research team in order to encourage cooperation (2 pages maximum);

« Book Review » summarizes and criticizes a recently published book (2 pages maximum).

Articles should respect the instructions for authors. You can download these instructions and the article template from submission section. You can submit your article in submission section or you may send it by email to 

Submission Deadline : 

January 15, 2021


ROUDIES OunsaEMI, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco


FREDJ MouniaENSIAS, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco