Combining Big Data and geolocation in the field of health: State of the art.

Salma Lbrini, Abdelhamid Fadil, Hassan Rhinane, Hassan Jarar Oulidi


The Big Data, as result of the digital revolution, offers several opportunities in the field of health. Actually, appliances and applications permanently connected to humans and the global digitization of medical documents produce a vast health data: "Big Health Data. This data is the subject of several projects in the world given the opportunities offered to optimize this area. The aim of this study is to explore how the combination of Big Health Data with geolocation can be more opportunistic and how it can be applied in Morocco.

In order to achieve this objective, Big Health Data is introduced by describing projects and global experiences in exploiting this data from different countries, opportunities of the combination with geolocation are highlighted by citing different concrete examples, and a projection of this study on Morocco is detailed.


Big data, geolocation; Health; gis; real time; vital signs


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