IP routing to serve targeted tracing in software product lines

Zineb Mcharfi, Bouchra Elasri, Abdelaziz Kriouile


Tracing is a key element to guarantee efficient maintenance and ease to use systems, especially for complex large scale ones like Software Product Lines. However, while developing a system or an application, tracing is not always considered as a priority, as it generates additional effort and cost. For Software Product Lines, generating trace links can
even add complexity to the system. However, as part of our research on tracing in Software Product Lines, we found that adopting a targeted tracing approach is more profitable for costs and Return On Investment (ROI). Therefore, we propose in this paper, as continuity to previous publications, a detailed algorithm to implement targeted traceability links in a Software Product Line, inspired from IP routing protocols.


Software Product Lines; targeted traceability; trace links; network; routing

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