SIP Research Team

Dalila Chiadmi


SIP Research Team’s works are in the context of Digital Transformation and the benefits of IT in our daily life. Different systems and ecosystems are created continuously in order to enrich systems as egov, e-health, IoT, smart cars, smart cities, Ad’hoc networks, etc. SIP team members are working to tackle many challenges in terms of quality, productivity, (Big) data availability, , interoperability, management and optimization of
resources and of these systems. The research works of SIP are structured on 6 topics each comprising 2 to 4 axis. Collaborations are undertaken with universities, industrial and socio-economic world through partnerships and research projects. Rich production is provided in the full text.


Embedded systems; positionnement et navigation; conception; optimization; real time; Big Data; integration; social networks; parallel processing; ordonnancement; performance evalauation; risk managment; semantic interoperability; reconfiguration; cloud co


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