Trust framework for a secured routing in wireless sensor network

Ouassila Hoceini, Saïd Talbi, Rachida Aoudjit


Traditional techniques to eliminate insider attacks developed for wired and wireless ad hoc networks are not well suited for wireless sensors networks due to their resource constraints nature. In order to protect WSNs against malicious and selfish behavior, some trust-based systems have recently been modeled. The resource efficiency and dependability of a trust system are the most fundamental requirements for any wireless sensor network (WSN). In this paper, we propose a Trust Framework for a Secured Routing in Wireless Sensor Network (TSR) scheme, which works with clustered networks. This approach can effectively reduce the cost of trust evaluation and guarantee a better selection of safest paths that lead to the base station. Theoretical as well as simulation results show that our scheme requires less communication overheads and consumes less energy as compared to the current typical trust systems for WSNs. Moreover, it detects selfish and defective nodes and prevents us of insider attacks.

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