Assistance in the Management and Control of Students Projects in a Cooperative Learning Environment

Alain-Jérôme Fougères, Philippe Canalda, Victoria Ospina


The purpose of this article is to report an experiment of installation of assistance to the control and the management of students projects, in an environment of training, whose pedagogy is project directed. While basing on methods of design and integration of a software, we define a model adapted to the realization of projects with a reduced number of stages. Then we define the role which the assistance suggested will play. The agent-based systems seem to us well adapted to conceive a multi-assistance for this kind of complex systems – each agent representing a level of assistance. A prototype was developed then tested for a set of technical and scientific courses. The return of experiment shows that the students used the assistant and expressed a real interest for this tool. This analysis forms the basis for the definition of the current tool.


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