Design Process of Pedagogical Contents for Distance Education

Nabila Bousbia, Amar Balla


To mediatize the knowledge to be transmitted, a teacher must produce pedagogical material.  This task may mean, in a FOAD process, to carry out the real part of a project manager, with project specifications, with regards to technical and economic parameters.  This gives way to so many functions, not common ones at all, for the traditional act of teaching.  In fact, a teacher is not supposed to be a technology expert that is to create simulations, control a programming language, etc. To palliate this problem, the development of contents must be made easy by the use of a creation tool.  We present, in this paper, an authoring system called TAALIM, which aim to facilitate the tasks allotted to the designer through a simple elaboration process model, as well as a generic model of interactive multi-media teaching contents.  


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