Process patterns for e-government

Hassania Ouchetto, Ounsa Roudies


Electronic Government reflects the ultimate visions for public administrations and governments to make a huge change. As several studies show, initiatives have arisen all over the world. However, e-Government is not a simple on-line information provision. It requires a flexible and comprehensive architecture that supports development of complete requirements when planning, designing, and building major systems. This is essential to avoid unnecessary duplication of infrastructure and major components, to have no risk of incompatibility, and to integrate disparate processes, services and activities located outside enterprises or administrations.

In this context, the present contribution aims at studying some e-government architectures and solutions. These architectures and solutions are the European One Stop Government architecture, the British e-Service Development Framework (eSDF), the US Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), the Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) and the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). This study allows us to incorporate the best practices and to carry out some process patterns bringing e-government portal assistance for the e-Morocco. These patterns are the portal design, the portal content creation, the portal content management and the portal content publication.


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