Algorithm for Data Compression

Sadou Samir, Mohamed Ramdane, Mustapha Lalam, Rachid Ahmed-Ouamer


Nowadays, The data compression is very requested by the field of data processing to offer fast and less expensive software solutions which can give more effectiveness and speediness for the material used which, in certain case, reached its limits (Throughput, memory size). Several methods of compression were born since the discipline appeared; this variety of methods is due to the different   types of data: images, audio, video, text, etc.

This paper proposes an algorithm of compression which can be used as well to solve the space of storage problem as to solve that of the limited throughput especially in real time applications.

This algorithm is based on a mathematical model (Prime numbers theory). So, the challenge is to find a mathematical reversible function which attributes to each sequence "S" of characters from the source file an integer "E" in the target file (compressed file).


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