Maghribi Script « Rabat » and OpenType : a Thousand-year Identity looking for Modern Font

Youssef Jabri


The Maghribi script is a writing style that was once used in Andalusia for centuries and is still widely used in North African countries, in particular to write the Qur'an. Due to its complexity, it is impossible to develop a typeface that respects its rules with technologies like TrueType or PostScript (both Type 1 and 3). The OpenType technology is a valuable opportunity even if it is still too limited for complex texts such as the Qur'an. In this paper, the application is made with the creation of an OpenType font of type Maghribi Mabsout we called “Rabat”, which is available for free download on the net from the sites of ENSA d’Oujda or from Sourceforge.


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