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Issue 9 The realization of an educational workbook software. Methodology and context Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Ali Sadiqui
Issue 7 Maghribi Script « Rabat » and OpenType : a Thousand-year Identity looking for Modern Font Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Youssef Jabri
Issue 6 A Traveling Information System based on Agent for Multimodal Itinerary Research Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Youcef Belgueliel, Ramdane Maamri
Issue 6 Tracking of Quiz-type Learning Objects : a Web-Services oriented Approach Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Ivan Madjarov, Zohra Bakkoury, Abdelkader Betari, Bogdan Shishedjiev
Issue 3 Design Process of Pedagogical Contents for Distance Education Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Nabila Bousbia, Amar Balla
Issue 2 Design and Implementation of a Virtual Environment for Collaborative Learning based on a Space Metaphor coupled with a Multi-agent System Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Najib Elkamoun, Mohammed Bousmah, Abdelhak Aqqal, Abdelghafour Berraissoul
Issue 1 Amine : a Platform for the Development of Intelligent Systems and Agents Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Adil Kabbaj, Karim Bouzoubaa
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