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Issue 3 Vers l’interopérabilité des systèmes d’information hétérogènes Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Laïla Benhlima, Dalila Chiadmi
Issue 1 Equipe AL-QualSADI, ENSIAS, Rabat, Maroc Details   PDF (Français (France))
Mounia Fredj
Issue 10 Editorial Details   PDF (Français (France))
Mounia Fredj, Ounsa Roudies
Issue 2 A Goal Driven Approach for the Development of Service-based Systems Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Rim Samia Kaabi, Naoufel Kraiem, Colette Rolland
Issue 1 A Guided Tour of Method Engineering Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Colette Rolland
Issue 7 A new reputation Algorithm for Evaluating Trustworthiness in E-commerce Context Abstract   PDF
Hasnae Rahimi, Hanan El Bakkali
Issue 2 A Semantic Web Primer by Grigoris Antoniou, Frank van Harmelen. MIT Press. 2004 Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Najib Tounsi
Issue 6 A Traveling Information System based on Agent for Multimodal Itinerary Research Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Youcef Belgueliel, Ramdane Maamri
Issue 4 Algorithm for Data Compression Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Sadou Samir, Mohamed Ramdane, Mustapha Lalam, Rachid Ahmed-Ouamer
Issue 6 Amazigh Grammatical Labelling using n-gram Properties and Segmentation Pre-treatment Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Mohamed Outahajala, Yassine Benajiba, Paolo Rosso, Lahbib Zenkouar
Issue 1 Amine : a Platform for the Development of Intelligent Systems and Agents Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Adil Kabbaj, Karim Bouzoubaa
Issue 1 An Information Systems Reengineering Approach based on Generation and Matching of Components Specifications Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Oualid Khayati, Agnès Front, Jean-Pierre Giraudin
Issue 5 Appel à communications pour la 5ème édition de e-TI Abstract
Appel à communications pour la 5ème édition de e-TI
Issue 4 Approach for Describing, Indexing and Retrieval in Large Shapes Databases Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Hassan Silkan, Said Ouatik El Alaoui, Abdelmounaime Lachkar, Abdelilah Elkharraz
Issue 8 Art of Cultivating Rare Pearls : Changing the Social Image of IT Professionals Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Marie-Christine Roy, Hager Khechine, Diane Ducharme
Issue 3 Assistance in the Management and Control of Students Projects in a Cooperative Learning Environment Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Alain-Jérôme Fougères, Philippe Canalda, Victoria Ospina
Issue 9 Automatic Indexing of Arabic Texts: State of the Art Abstract   PDF (Français (France))
Mohamed Salim El Bazzi, Taher Zaki, Driss Mammass, Abdelatif Ennaji
Issue 4 Behaviour Learning in Robotics Abstract
Malik Ghallab
Issue 1 Call for paper for the first Issue of e-TI Abstract
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Issue 8 Call for Paper for the heighth Issue of e-TI Details   PDF (Français (France))
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